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Gender Plays Significant Role in Video Game Consoles and Game Purchasing Preferences, Study Reveals

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November 28, 02001, Los Angeles, CA-While the video game industry continues to battle for buyers in the home stretch of Christmas shopping season, Label Networks, Inc., a market research firm that specializes in hard-to-reach markets, has released a study that shows a significant relationship between video game and console purchasing preferences, based on one's gender. The study reveals that among 14-25-year-olds in North America, Sony Playstation 2 is the overall leader for both males and females in video game console purchasing preferences by 67%, followed by Microsoft Xbox at 17%, Nintendo Game Cube at 10 %, and the now discontinued Sega Dream Cast at 6%. However, further research shows that second to Playstation 2, females clearly prefer Nintendo Game Cube, while males prefer Microsoft Xbox. The study also revealed the dependence of one's gender to video game-type preferences. Surf and skateboarding games ranked highest for both males and females, while second choice game preferences varied significantly based on one's gender. "Our analysis shows that females clearly dominate in their preference for Mario Brothers arcade-type games over males in the same age group," reported Label Networks founding partner and chief statistician, Bradley Feldman. "Third choice for females was action shooting games like Doom, whereas third choice for males were team sports games such as football." In recent press on the video game wars, analysis by gender has largely gone unrecognized. As Feldman points out, "It is not information readily available. Nor by region of the country one lives in, nor by age. There is untapped market potential existing on many levels, which we're uncovering." According to veteran video game producer, Lisa Hudson, President of the video game production studio, Black Sun Productions, "Women are not the focus in the video gaming industry. But if someone could tap into the mindset of the young female video game player, they would have a tremendous advantage over their competitors. It is a much wider market than what currently exists." Label Networks' video game research will continue as part of an unfolding Youth Culture Market Research Report by Label Networks, Inc. analyzing youth lifestyle preferences in North America. The results for this study were based on survey results gathered digitally using proprietary hand-held data-acquisition technology (LN Acquireš) from more than 1,600 participants, ages 14-25, across 42 cities throughout July and August, 02001. The Youth Culture Market Research Report also provides youth preferences in music, action sports, fashion, beverages, and automotive, with corresponding ethnographic analysis.

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